How the Operation Works

Let's Talk

Our first step to Operation Organize Me is a consultation to discuss your organizational needs.


You won't be waiting long!  Based on our discussion, I will create a proposed plan of action that includes services, pricing and time-frame working with your schedule.

Let's Declutter

At this time, Operation Organize Me will go through the project area and create a blank slate

Let's get started

Once we have decided all the details it will be time to get organizing. I will work to make sure you are satisfied with each part of the process.

Does your project need Products?

For any project needing products I will find you the best and most affordable items to fit the job. 


I am excited to show you the new organization of your project area. You will be clutter free! 

Where does all the "Stuff" go?

Throughout the decluttering we will come across things to donate, sell or throw away. Don't stress or fret because I take care of it all. From scheduling donation pickups to selling unwanted items. These are the last things I want you to have to worry about. I'll take care of it all!

Want to See What I Do?

Click down below on any of my social media to see what I do. I document my jobs, tips and tricks and favorite products through my social media. Click on any below to get a taste of Operation Organize Me in action!