• Meet the Brains Behind the Operation!

    Who Is Meredith?


    Hi my name is Meredith! I grew up my whole life looking at the world through an organized eye and making as much as I could accessible and harmonious. I started operation organize me in 2016 to help anyone who needed a realistic way to tackle everyday chaos! Starting at a young age I helped family and friends organize their closets, homes and schedules, accommodating to make it practical for their lives. I wanted to take this passion I had and the skills I learned further, so I went on and built a completely self-taught business. 

    My Approach!


    My philosophy is practicality not perfection. A Pinterest perfect kitchen looks great but might not match your everyday needs. I believe being truly organized is taking your everyday life and making it visually appealing but practical enough so months later, it will look the same as it did and much easier to maintain. For instance; your kitchen cabinet. If you’re a busy family, I would start with blank slate having on-the-go needs in mind.; creating sections for treats, breakfast foods and snacks, equipped with the correct Tupperware for convenience. I’m very open with my approach so any idea or inputs you would like to implement? You got it. An organized lifestyle is just a consultation away! 

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